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Driveway Cleaning Services in Dublin

Driveway Cleaning

Is your driveway looking messy, and do you want help in cleaning that driveway? Why not call the experts at All Stone Cleaning Services who specialise in cleaning driveways in Dublin. Their driveway cleaning services range from soft washing, hard washing, power washing and stain removals off your driveway.

We use a range of products and machinery to clean your driveway or patio, depending on the type of surface. For example, a tarmac driveway will require a softer style of cleaning when compared to a granite stone slab. We use only approved products for cleaning and sealing the driveway to ensure a long-lasting and durable finish.

During the cleaning stage of a driveway or patio, we will carry out any remedial work needed. We often find on an old patio or driveway area, you might have some sunken sections or some slabs might have came loose. We will always reset the surface back to the correct height to match in with the rest of the area.

Along with remedial work, we always do a routine check on the levels and drainage to ensure water does not pool on the area once completed. A lot of the times, the original build up was due to water not draining away correctly and by adjusting the levels, we can ensure that it does not happen again!

Why stop by just cleaning your driveway? All Stone Cleaning Services use patented restoration products to help restore the shine and colour on the original surface. These options apply to cleaning tarmac driveways, cleaning block paving and cleaning slabbed patios.

We provide cleaning services in Dublin, cleaning services in Carlow, cleaning services in Kilkenny, cleaning in Waterford, cleaning services in Tipperary and more. Call All Stone Cleaning Services today on 087 460 5611 to schedule a free no-obligation estimate for cleaning driveways in Dublin, Carlow, Kilkenny, Waterford and more.

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We carry out all types of driveway and patio cleaning services in Dublin. We can wash off grime, dirt, moss, algae and stains from your driveway at very affordable rates.

Restoring Driveways and Patios

Our restoration services provide long term solutions for driveways, patios and slabbing. We can restore block paving, tarmac, concrete and slabbing.